Merry Christmas from M&S+

Merry Christmas to all readers and followers of this new venture, M&S+!

We are a site in just our initial stages, a “church plant”, if you will.  We aim to grow into a resource for all those who seek solutions in their own circumstance, while providing a place for a community to grow and thrive in a healthy, positive way.   We seek to advocate for hot monogamy, and along with it, a new approach and really, a new-thinking in regards to how the Christian faith approaches sexuality and marriage.

We have no idea how this site will grow – we’ll let the Lord lead that path.  We’re thankful for those of you who have stopped by, and for those who have expressed interest in joining M&S+: The Community.  We hope you’ll keep coming back!

Merry Christmas!

In Christ,
The M&S+ Founders


Author: Marriage & Sex Positive

Host for online website: Marriage & Sex Positive: A Christian Resource Center Dedicated to Hot Monogamy.

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