On Joining M&S+: The Community

Married & Sex Positive has two key components – this blog as well as M&S+: The Community.  If you’re interested in joining encourage you to read what it’s all about on this link.   If after reading the rules and such, and you want to join, please do so.

For your safety, The community is “private” on the mightybell.com platform, so we can keep out trolls.  However, it occurred to us that when you’re accepting the invite, it asks for a First and Last Name and you might be cautious.

Don’t be – in fact, you are encouraged to NOT use your complete name, unless you otherwise do in blogging.  So, for instance, you could go with a first name and last initial (think James C), a pseudonym, or even a screenname.

Now, if you’re already out there publicly and have no qualms about continuing to do so, that’s your choice and you can do so!  But, we remain anonymous for a reason and that’s to protect the readers and commenters.  As we indicate in the “rules”, our only requirement is that you make out a brief biography, include whether you’re a male or female, and introduce yourself and participate some.  And, of course, no troll-like behavior.  That’s it!

We hope you join today!

P.S. – It does require an e-mail to sign up, but you can create anonymous one and we will approve you.  Thank you!


Author: Marriage & Sex Positive

Host for online website: Marriage & Sex Positive: A Christian Resource Center Dedicated to Hot Monogamy.

2 thoughts on “On Joining M&S+: The Community”

  1. Congrats on your new blog site. Yes, let us work to promote a healthy, sex positive message for married Christians. The idea of having an online community is good and constructive. With privacy protected for participants (members), concerns in marital sexual intimacy can be voiced and openly discussed. The community will no doubt prove helpful and beneficial to many married couples.


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