Christian Community.  Hot Monogamy.

M&S+ seeks to bring Christians together who believe in the sex-positive, hot-monogamy movement, and have them interact in a genuine, forward-thinking, friendly, and healthy Christian environment and community that supports them, encourages them, and prays for them.

In order for such a community to grow and prosper, it is essential for there to be a medium by which like-minded, sex-positive Christians – whether they be. married men and women, singles, divorcees, and widows/ers — can engage with one another in a real-time, interactive medium through small groups and/or individual conversations.

Presently, even within the vast online Christian marriage blog and website community, such an interactive platform no longer exists, due to the recent decision by MarriageHeat to remove its online community, LifePositive. That platform created genuine friendships and support networks for sex-positive Christian men and women from all walks of life and all over the world to discuss issues, ask questions, write marriage-based erotic stories, and pray for one another.

So, we at M&S+ have stepped up to fill the void, and launch a new interactive platform entitled M&S+: The Community.  This community is based on two fundamental ideas:

Christian Community & Hot Monogamy

We seek M&S+: The Community to be a combination coffee shop, corner bar, library, church, classroom, and anonymous support group.  We seek to build up marriages and create lasting friendships. We seek to promote the sex-positive movement by encouraging Christians, particularly churches, to talk about sex in healthy ways.  Sex is God’s gift to marriage and we shouldn’t fear it, we should embrace it!

At M&S+: The Community develops, we will have:

– Bold, authentic discussion about relevant sexual issues and topics..

– The ability to write marriage-based erotic sex stories for a limited audience, for those who are not ready to publish on MH or another website.

– Polls, questions, and other interactive features to gauge the pulse of fellow sex-positive Christians.

– The ability to celebrate sex-positive success in your own marriage with other Christians!

– Advice, encouragement, resources, and tips for singles, divorcees, and those in difficult situations in life.

– Small groups for singles, divorcees, story writers, men, women, and others…

– An interactive chat room as well as the ability to chat individually with members.

– Etc!

What are the Rules?

It is critical that M&S+: The Community to be a safe, hospitable, and welcome place for all sex-positive Christians to interact.  As such, we ask that you:

Remain Anonymous.  While this is optional and you may use your real name, we strongly encourage you to create a profile using a screenname or pseudonym for your own safety.

No Trolls.  It will be a troll-free environment, which means all rude, crude, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and be immediately dealt with via the banning of users and the removal of accounts. No harassing of members.  Please be considerate when initiating a conversation.

You be 18 or over.  Period.

No Ghosts.  Identify yourself as a male or female, and create a brief biography so we can get to know you.  Those caught lying about their gender will be removed immediately. Any accounts without a biography and identifying as M or F will be removed immediately.

– Say something.  We discourage lurking, so we ask that you jump in and participate in any discussion.

Be Positive!   This is a supportive, encouraging, community and while discussion is encouraged, negativity is not welcome.  You can’t be sex-positive without being positive!  

Help us Grow! Talk about us on Christian sex-positive blogs you visit. Encourage them to stop by.  Even invite your “real life” sex-positive friends.

So How Do I Join?

Very easy!  Click here to sign up for Marriage & Sex Positive: The Community.  We hope to see you there!