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Marriage & Sex Positive is an online Christian Resource Center Dedicated to Hot Monogamy.  Inspired by the amazing content at marriageheat.com, christiannymphos.org and other wonderful blogs and websites dedicated to discussing amazing and healthy sex in marriage, as well as promoting a sex-positive worldview within the Christian faith, M&S+ was created in the aftermath of the decision to close LifePositive, which was an interactive community created by the administrators at MarriageHeat but abruptly closed down.

Three users decided to step up and launch a new online resource center that would also be connected to a similar online community in the spirit of Life Positive.  That resource center and community is “Marriage & Sex Positive: A Christian Resource Center Dedicated to Hot Monogamy.”

Here, we will promote a Biblical belief in marriage, inspired by the Scripture that says the marriage bed is undefiled and the beauty found in the Song of Songs. We will embrace a sex-positive mindset that says that abundant sex is not only essential to healthy living and a healthy marriage,  but that it’s both important and okay for Christians to discuss sex in open and honest ways.

Married men and women, singles, divorcees, as well as widows and widowers are welcome here, where we hope to provide a warm, hospitable, friendly, and supportive Christian environment where we will listen to you, encourage you, and pray for you. We will provide links to various resources, including blogs, websites, books, and other healthy, Christian-oriented outlets that are dedicated to promoting sex in marriage.

You are encouraged to comment, and we will delete all spam and trolls.

Thank you!