Welcome to M&S+!

Firssmallicont of all, we apologize for the “mess”, but as with any new online community, we’re in the process of getting the place set-up and looking right, so we appreciate the patience.

Marriage & Sex Positive, or M&S+ for short, is a new online resource center devoted to hot monogamy. We will have two platforms – our main website, here, as well as our interactive platform via mightybell.com entitled M&S+: The Community.

Inspired by the wonderful website MarriageHeat.com, as well as many other Christian Marriage blogs and websites, the creators of this site are three refugees (two men and one woman) from LifePositive, the online community launched by MarriageHeat, but then abruptly pulled down without notice.  By the grace of God, we happened to have exchanged e-mails just as the site was closing, and have banded together to launch this new resource center and interactive community.

As with all new websites, we will be a work in progress ,but our mission here is simple:

M&S+ seeks to bring Christians together who believe in the sex-positive, hot-monogamy movement, and have them interact in a genuine, forward-thinking, friendly, and healthy Christian environment and community that supports them, encourages them, and prays for them. We are fans of marriage-based erotic stories and seek to promote Christian blogs and resources who support the sex-positive movement. We welcome married men and women, singles, divorcees, and widows/ers who share our mission.

Will will providing useful and helpful links, resources, and information here at the website, in hopes of being a one-stop shop for those seeking Christian answers to questions regarding Biblical, healthy, hot, marital sex. As we move forward, we ask for your prayers, and ask you to join us!