Introducing our Books Section – and Other Ideas Coming in 2017

One of the best resources for Christian couples is the number of wonderful books available to enhance their marriages both in and out of the bedroom.  To help identify ones we feel are fantastic, we’d launched a Books section of this website, available as a menu option.  We’ve already included one book – Sexy Talk by Sarah H Kinnamon – and will be adding more soon.

In addition to the Books section, here are some other things we’ll be working on for 2017:

A comprehensive Hot Monogamy Network full of great information to assist couples and marriages, as well as helping promote and expand the sex-positive movement. You can’t just do this with Stories or call comment fields communities – it will take a real effort and that’s what we’re about.

A private, safe Storytellers area.  Not everyone is ready to have their story on a publicly viewable website, but would be willing to test out their stories in front of a more limited group.  This capability already exists within the M&S+: The Community platform – we have a special group within that for just that purpose! If you’re interested, we encourage you to join today! Over time, this may exist outside of the Mighty Bell platform.

Themes and Series.  We want people to think and that means asking tough questions or offering compelling posts digging into issues impacting marriage, sex, and the church.  We will do this through theme days (think “Tough Issue Tuesday”) or Series, like we are starting with the discussion about the importance of community.

Success Stories.  Many think only  about the potential negative consequences of people interacting online who are part of the MH community in a one-on-one or small group environment. We want to turn that notion on its head and hear from you how such a meeting led to growth in your own marriage and the development of a wonderful friendship.  Send us your ideas!

Continued expansion of the M&S+: The Community.  This is a core focus, as it is what motivated us to go our own direction.  If you liked LP, we want you to LOVE this community.  We’ll have polls, discussion groups, theme days, events, and the like.  The first thing we need is people — read about the rules in the Community section of this site and then please join us today!

We hope you like what we’ll have to offer.  Enjoy the rest of 2016 and let’s make 2017 amazing!