M&S+ Series: Why Community is Important

If you’re like us here at M&S+, you enjoy reading and following the many wonderful Christian-based websites and blogs devoted to furthering the spirit of hot monogamy and the sex-positive movement in general.

Many of them we have linked here, and they come in different varieties, from pure blogs to comprehensive websites full of tips and ideas to story-driven mediums like MarriageHeat.com.  All offer wonderful resources on hot monogamy.  Some are a bit tamer, some are a bit bolder, but all are within the same wheelhouse – they want to promote new thinking regarding sexuality in marriage, they want churches and Christians in general to talk about sex, and they want to promote and celebrate hot monogamy in marriages.  We endorse all of them.

The reason we endorse all of them is that we here at M&S+ believe strongly in the Christ-based, sex-positive, hot monogamy movement.  It truly is a movement. It is a movement with real challenges and real struggles – in fact, many said blogs and websites have not even survived or have pondered shutting down.  It truly is a tough thing to believe so passionately about when surrounded by a culture which tugs you at both sides – the secular world ruins sexuality in so many regards, yet on the flip side, some within our own Christian world say you shouldn’t even be discussing those matters – or certainly not in the manner these various sites do.

It is my belief that for this movement to flourish, we have to be in it together. To be in it together, we have to truly build a community – not just between those writing the blogs and websites, but those interacting in the comment fields.  Each of these sites, particularly those with an active comment section, have a sense of real community and support for one another.  However, the limitation of blogs and such , particularly on platforms that do not allow members to exchange e-mails or promote outside websites, is that they limit the ability of that community to really connect in meaningful, powerful ways.

For a short period of a few weeks, Life Positive provided that connection, but the owners felt led to shut it down.  While we respect that decision, we nontheless feel that was unfortunate, and we have thus launched M&S+: The Community to further on the amazing things that were going on within LP.

However, some may be wondering, “Why do you feel such an interactive community is so necessary?”

That’s a good question and one worth exploring.  Over the next few days, that’s exactly what we’ll do here at M&S+in a series of posts. Among the items we’ll discuss are:

  • Blog Comments Just Won’t Do:  Why the sex-positive, hot monogamy movement is dead without an interactive community.
  • Friendships Matter:  How building friendships through interactive mediums can play such a vital role in helping people deal with sex-related issues and notions.
  • Fear Shouldn’t Control Us:  Danger lurks everywhere, including in our churches.  We should not let fear govern us nor stop us from doing the bold and challenging thing.
  • Interactive Communities Save Marriages:  We’ll discuss how just in the short time, LP helped several marriages and how a similar community can do so in the future.
  • How a Community Protects Itself: We’ll discuss how a true interactive community can help protect itself from trolls, but also protect the sex-positive movement in general.

In the meantime, we urge you to consider joining M&H: The Community.  Our community is young so don’t expect much at first, but that’s actually wonderful as you can help  play a role in making it successful.  Making such a platform work require buy-in from all who participate.

Thank you!